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Alexander Rockwell is a classical guitarist from Saratoga Springs, New York, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more about Alex as a

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Teaching Philosophy

"Music is a journey that has no destination, but many stops along the way. As musicians, we never stop learning, and never stop reaching new milestones in our music-making. One of my favorite quotes is from the legendary cellist Pablo Casals, whom when asked why he continued to practice at ninety years old, replied, 'Because I think I'm making progress.' Music is a journey that is best embarked upon with others, and I am passionate about guiding my students down the most rewarding paths.

"Lessons will focus on development of proper technique; honing of musicianship skills such as music reading, understanding of music theory, and interpretation; and exploration of guitar music from a variety of styles."



Alex is passionate about performing and sharing the joy of music with others. He is able to provide music for a wide variety of events and settings.



Alex is an active composer and arranger of music featuring the guitar. His original works and arrangements are available in the store.


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