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B i o g r a p h y

Hi, I'm Alex Rockwell. I'm a guitarist. This is where I'm supposed to write a long, self-aggrandizing bio that no one cares to read. Let's be real, I wouldn't read it either.

I write music. Mainly instrumental guitar-centric music. I do this because it gives me emotional and spiritual fulfillment, and I want people who hear it to feel something - that indescribable feeling music gives you when you immerse yourself in it.

I teach guitar. I used to be an adjunct professor in a university music program. Now I teach privately, pretty much exclusively over Zoom since Covid happened. More on that here.

I'm rather solitary, but I always relish the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians.

For booking, lesson inquiries, or anything else, contact me here.

Visiting San Antonio
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